Navigating between files in Vim

When I chose to start using Vim instead of GUI-based editors, I figured one drawback was going to be navigating between multiple files, or working on multiple files at once. Well I was wrong. It’s very easy to work with multiple files in Vim, and it’s pretty awesome to be able to navigate files quickly without a mouse!

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Why I use VIM

Why would anyone want to use VIM? The text editor is the place where a web developer spends most of his or her time, and so we definitely want it to be efficient and stress-free. And there are a lot of great options out there, so why would anyone want to choose the most primitive, barebones looking option?

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A Web Development Setup For $200

What’s the cost of a decent coding computer in 2019? I recently purchased a Samsung Chromebook 3 for around $170, and have been experimenting to see if it can work as my primary web development setup. Will it handle everything that I need to and want to do? What are some drawbacks? Read on to find out.

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